I passed this sign on the way home from vacation.

I love dicks!!!

Now for the biggest hey that I was fortunate enough to witness.

A few years ago, back in the good ole days, my team and I primarily worked and collaborated around a table in the cafeteria of our building. “Our table” was located at the back of the cafeteria near a Starbucks kiosk. It was just another day around 2 o’clock. I know this because the afternoon coffee rush was taking place. There were probably around 10 people standing in line, when a discussion about sporting goods stores began at the table. The conversation went back and forth about which store was the best. A male co-worker started talking about Dick’s Sporting Goods. To our surprise, a female co-worker shouted out excitedly and in an above normal voice, “I LOOOOOVE DICKS”. We didn’t think much of it until all the people in the coffee line turned around and began starring at her. We couldn’t help ourselves from bursting into laughter.

Oh the good ole days I tell you.



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TheBelmont is serving what?…

The Belmont is serving what?…TheBelmont is serving what?...

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